Fuel Your Side Hustle

FY$H is committed to support a thriving side-hustle economy by providing the tools and infrastructure needed to build and grow a personal business.

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Create a Market Listing

Search the market listing to find workers or clients in your local area or anywhere in the world!

Improve Communication

Establish and maintain constant communication with your client or your worker by using our mobile-to-mobile chat feature.

Strengthen Your Finances

Never forget to send or pay an invoice again! Automatically send an invoice as soon as the job is completed.

You can be a Client or a Worker.

What makes our app unique is you can be a worker or a client all in the same app. You can work for someone or schedule someone to work for you.

As a worker or client, you can set up services, appointments and send/receive payments. One App to organize your day, improve communication and strengthen your income.

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Increase your income & control your own schedule!

A Side Hustlers
Best Friend.

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A Side Hustlers
Best Friend.

One simple glance to get all of the necessary information for your business.

  • Scheduling,
  • Management,
  • Invoicing,
  • Locating,
  • and more.

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Fuel Your Side Hustle

With FYSH, you can say goodbye to the headache and hassle of managing your freelance jobs manually.